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The Binyard Specialty Cleaning Story


Since the mid-1990s the EPA has pursed opportunities to correct and prevent poor indoor air quality (IAQ) in our schools. Studies document an increase in children diagnose with asthma, respiratory illnesses and learning difficulties.  One major cause is that millions of tons of cleaning products are released into our environment every month. Buildings are directly polluted by the off-gassing of volatile organic compounds (VOCs), which find their way into our HVAC systems.  Our drinking water, lakes, streams and rivers are polluted by these harsh cleaning products.  We decided the best way to address cleaning chemical pollution is to focused on environmentally sensitive (green) cleaning products, equipment, and processes that reduce the release of pollutants into our indoor and outdoor environments. 


After attending the ISSA/INTERCLEAN North America 2017 Trade Show, we became advocates of the green cleaning movement. During the trade show we attended expert presentations on award-winning green cleaning programs for schools and universities.  We discovered the Green Clean Schools initiative and Healthy Schools Campaign, which provided a wealth of information on the steps necessary to implement a green cleaning program in any school or commercial building.  Based off of this experience, we spent the past 3 years learning and educating ourselves on green clean products and processes.  We studied the necessary requirements and credits system for Leadership in Energy and Efficiency Design (LEED) Operations and Maintenance (O+M) compliance and began passionately promoting green cleaning alternatives for schools and commercial facilities.

We conducted specialty cleaning projects for Omaha Public Schools and final construction clean-up projects for construction companies.  Primarily, we've transformed our company to a science based consulting services for the design and implementation of commercial green cleaning management programs.

Our primary mission is to transform the way the world cleans!

Environmentally Sensitive Green Cleaning Services  

What is green cleaning?


Green cleaning uses a holistic approach to both cleaning and maintenance of a facility and incorporates green cleaning chemicals, solutions, integrated pest management, and high performance cleaning equipment.  


We provide expert training to stakeholders for the implementation of sustainable, environmentally sensitive green cleaning program. 

  • Indoor Air Quality Management Program

  • Green Cleaning - Products and Materials

  • Green Cleaning - Equipment

  • integrated Pest Management 

  • Green Cleaning Policy Development

The Team That Cares

Our team is comprised of highly skilled Green Cleaning Technologist with training and education listed below:

ISSA Custodial Technician Certification

ISSA Best Practices for Cleaning and Disinfection in a Green and Sustainable World

Green Cleaning in Schools; Leading the Way for Children's Health

Green Cleaning n Schools: Taking Stock, Assessing Your Program

Learning from the Leaders: Assessment and Cost Savings

Green Cleaning in Schools: Green Products, Equipment and Supplies.  How Do You Choose?

Green Cleaning in Schools: Learning from the Leaders

Green Cleaning in Schools: Supporting a Well-Trained and Engaged Workforce

Green Cleaning in Schools: Engaging the Whole School

Sustainable Paper Products

On-site Generation


infection Control

Attended the 2017 Green Clean Schools Leadership Summit  in Park City, Utah

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