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Fast, Affordable, Efficient Green Cleaning Technologists guaranteeing healthier, cleaner environments!


We are committed to promoting and implementing green cleaning programs in Nebraska and beyond.

Our Vision and Values

  • Reduce sources of pollution caused by chemical based cleaning products

  • Promote new technology and science based green cleaning procedures

  • Develop sustainable business practices by promoting healthy indoor environments

  • Increase business productivity, efficiency and profitability with advanced green cleaning programs

  • Empower and support cleaning and maintenance staff to become leaders in public health and safety

Call us at (402) 290-6879 or email anytime to make an appointment to review your cleaning requirements.  Our  consulting team will design a Green Cleaning Program that fit your goals, specification and budget!

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  • Green Cleaning Consulting

  • Cleaning Program Plan Design

  • Training and Education

  • Final Construction Cleanup

  • Construction Pollution Prevention

  • Commercial Property Cleaning

  • Janitorial Services

  • Specialty Projects

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Third Party EPA Approved Reference Standards cleaning chemical and the following:
  • Green Cleaning Technology

    • Equipment

    • Supplies

    • Processes

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Our training program is dedicated to creating Green Cleaning Technologist who are capable of:
  • Implementing green cleaning best practices
  • Recommending approved green cleaning products and supplies
  • Recommending green cleaning equipment
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